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Embark on a journey through the ageless charm and historically refined atmosphere of 1890, a splendid wedding and event locale nestled near Platte City, Missouri, just a brief 20-minute drive from downtown Kansas City. Uplift your Banquets and Balls to unprecedented heights within a backdrop that exudes warmth and ambiance. Our timeless country-style setting, paired with modern contemporary amenities, serves as the perfect canvas for crafting enduring memories for special gathering and festivities.


Exceptional Atmosphere:

  • Immerse yourself at 1890 with the historically elegant and classic charm our event space and scenic surroundings provide.  Regardless of the size or style of banquet and ball you are planning, 1890 is sure to set the stage for a festive ambiance during your big event.
  • Choose from multiple venues and an array of indoor and outdoor spaces, each offering a refined atmosphere suitable for a memorable gathering, be it in the spring, summer, fall, or winter seasons.


Tailored Packages:

  • Choose from a diverse range of Banquet and Ball packages carefully designed to meet your specific event requirements and preferences, regardless of your guest list size and space requirements.
  • Our skilled event coordinators will work closely with you to customize every aspect of your featured event, ensuring that the entire night is a uniquely tailored experience for all participating.


Culinary Delicacies:

  • Delight your guests with award-winning culinary delights meticulously prepared by our vendor approved catering partners.
  • Choose from esteemed caterers who’s meal options range from delectable starters and appetizers to exquisite main courses and desserts sure to captivate the taste buds of all who attend.


Seamless Organization:

  • Unwind and savor your celebration with those attending your event as our dedicated staff takes charge of planning, preparation, and coordination.
  • The highly reviewed team at 1890 is committed to delivering a perfectly executed event, allowing you to focus on the joy and mission of your event.


More About the 1890 Setting

By selecting 1890 Weddings + Events as the setting for your Banquet and Ball, you ensure your special occasion will provide an enchanting experience in a historic and tranquil setting. For more information about 1890 and our distinguished Kansas City Banquet and Ball venue space, explore these additional details and amenities provided in the links below:

1890 Banquet and Ball Event Space Options:

We look forward to assisting you in planning and preparing the perfect banquet or ball.   Feel free to get in touch, schedule a tour, or call us at 816-584-1890 if you have questions or would like to come visit us in person.


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