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Welcome to 1890 Weddings + Events, where timeless elegance meets modern convenience in our stunning 1890 Victorian House, positioned at the front entrance of our 16-acre estate. Originally constructed in 1872 and later remodeled in 1890 to exude the charm and grace of the Victorian era, this historic two-story home, in its natural white color, makes a perfect setting for weddings and special occasions.

Let us take you on a journey through the features that make this home truly exceptional:


Full Kitchen:

  • Enjoy the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen, ensuring your party’s needs are met effortlessly.  Complete with a refrigerator, sink, glassware, and cooking utensils, the kitchen is close to the dining room and rests on the lower floor. 


New AC and Updated Heating:

  • Although this charming home is 150 years old, it boasts all the modern amenities needed for comfort.  Bask in style with our advanced heating and air conditioning systems, providing a pleasant environment regardless of the season in which your event is taking place.



  • Find space and convenience for your bridal party to get ready in with three half-bathrooms and one full bathroom inside the home.


Sleeping Accommodations:

  • Retreat to our five beautifully appointed beds (4 queens, 1 full), offering a cozy overnight stay for the bridal party or guests.  Inquire here for more information on our overnight packages.


Bridal Suite:

  • Indulge in the dedicated bridal suite, featuring a half-bath and balcony overlooking the ceremony site for pre-event pictures and special intimate moments.  Located upstairs, along with the other bedrooms, the bridal suite comes complete with a bed, mirror, closet, fireplace, and outdoor balcony access.


Wrap-Around Deck:

  • Delight in the picturesque outdoor space of our wrap-around deck, perfect for intimate gatherings, scenic views, and first looks of the bride and groom.  With ample space and tons of porch seating, your guests can enjoy the shade and ambiance only 1890 can offer.


Original Sliding Doors:

  • Transform the ambiance by using the original sliding doors to close off rooms downstairs, ideal for creating private spaces or capturing first-look moments.


Bridal Space for Hair and Makeup:

  • Prepare for your special day in our spacious bridal parlor area, adorned with large mirrors covering the wall for hair and makeup.  Truly a masterpiece of a room, you’ll find you have all the room needed for you and your bridal party to capture memories and prepare for the big event.


Victorian Aesthetics:

  • Immerse yourself in the Victorian era with historic furniture, wallpaper, large windows, a beautiful wooden staircase, and incredible attention to detail, providing numerous opportunities for stunning photography.


Natural Light:

  • In our 1890 Victorian home, you’ll find plenty of natural light seeping through the entirety of the house.  Bathe in the soft glow that floods the house through large windows, creating an enchanting atmosphere and a picturesque backdrop that adds warmth to your photographs.


Modern Elegance:

  • Our venue seamlessly combines modern amenities with historic Victorian charm, offering a unique and elegant setting for your special day.  From electrical, storage, and security features to utilities, creature comforts, and sitting areas, 1890 has all your needs covered.


Dining Room:

  • Experience the intimacy of our dining room, adding sophistication to shared meals and gatherings.  Choose to have your rehearsal dinner inside the home, and 1890 event staff will create an intimate setting for your closest friends and family to enjoy each other’s company.  


Grand Entrance Door:

  • Use the home’s special grand entrance and staging area for your bridesmaids and groomsman before making that dramatic walk on your way to our 1890 outdoor ceremony site.   


Multi-Purpose Usage:

  • Beyond weddings, our venue is versatile and can adapt for small, intimate weddings, rehearsal dinners, baby showers, and various small gatherings.  Give our team a call at 816-584-1890 to schedule a tour of our facility.
  • Step into a world where every detail, from the grandeur of the entrance to the cozy corners, has been carefully curated. 1890 Weddings + Events is not just a venue: it's a canvas for your dreams and memories to come alive.

Let's Begin

We are as excited to start this journey as you are!  Tell us about yourself and your special event below.  Our team will respond shortly!