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At 1890 Weddings + Events, we take pride in offering not just wedding venues but an immersive experience that captures the essence of your special day. As part of our historic 16-acre property, The Fields at 1890 introduces an exclusive haven for groomsmen – The Fields Groomsmen Quarters, a dedicated space designed to provide unparalleled comfort and style for the groom and his groomsmen as they prepare for the celebration of a lifetime. 

Features of The Fields Groomsmen Quarters include:


Leather Chairs:

  • Sink into the epitome of comfort with our plush leather chairs. The Fields Groomsman Quarters boasts 6 carefully chosen leather chairs, providing a luxurious and inviting atmosphere for the groomsmen to relax and bond before the festivities begin.


Full Kitchen:

  • For added convenience, The Fields Groomsman Quarters features a full kitchen. Groomsmen can indulge in light snacks or refreshments without having to leave the quarters, creating a seamless and enjoyable pre-wedding experience.


Full Bathroom with Shower:

  • Personal grooming is made easy with a fully equipped bathroom, complete with a shower. Groomsmen can freshen up and prepare with ease, ensuring they look and feel their absolute best for the celebration.


Smart TV:

  • Our Smart TV ensures that the groom and his party can enjoy their favorite shows, videos, or music as they get ready. Whether it's a pre-wedding playlist or a sporting event to set the mood, The Fields Groomsmen Quarters is the perfect setting to spend time with the guys.


Hooks for Suits:

  • Organization meets elegance with designated hooks for tuxedo and suits. Groomsman can hang their attire with care, ensuring that each suit is ready and wrinkle-free when it's time to step into the spotlight.


Dressing Area with Curtains:

  • Privacy is key, and The Fields Groomsman Quarters provides a designated dressing area with curtains. Groomsmen can have their own space to change into their wedding attire, adding an extra layer of comfort and exclusivity.


Deck and Patio Attached:

  • Step outside and take in the scenic beauty of our historic property. The small deck attached to the front of The Fields Groomsman Quarters offers a breath of fresh air and a moment of tranquility before the wedding festivities commence.


See Why 1890 Comes Highly Recommended

The Fields Groomsmen Quarters at The Fields at 1890 is more than just a preparation space – it's a sanctuary for groomsmen. This exclusive area ensures that the groom and his party have everything they need for a memorable and stress-free pre-wedding experience.

Located near our historic Victorian Home and our main 1890 wedding venue, just a short walk away from the Fields outdoor ceremony venue and reception hall, The Fields Groomsmen Quarters has all that a groom needs to plan, prepare, and execute the next big step in life!

We encourage you to learn more about 1890 by visiting our photo gallery and reading our wonderful customer reviews.  Feel free to book a tour of our entire property or give us a call at 816-584-1890 if you have any questions for our knowledgeable team.  We look forward to planning and celebrating your big day with you!

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