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Tips for Planning Your Dream Summer Wedding

Tips for Planning Your Dream Summer Wedding


Tips for Planning Your Dream Summer Wedding

Summer weddings offer a perfect blend of warm weather, vibrant colors, and a joyful atmosphere. At 1890 Weddings + Events, we specialize in creating memorable summer celebrations tailored to your unique vision. To help you make the most of this wonderful season, we’ve compiled some expert tips for planning a standout summer wedding.

1. Embrace The Seasonal Scenery

One of the greatest perks of a summer wedding is the natural beauty it offers. Decorate your venue with elements like a floral arch, hanging lanterns, and native flowers to enhance the scenery. At 1890 Weddings + Events, our picturesque outdoor spaces provide a breathtaking backdrop for your special day.

2. Keep Guests Cool with Creative Solutions

Beat the summer heat with innovative cooling solutions for your guests. Personalized, battery-operated handheld fans make excellent keepsakes. Set up hydration stations with fruit-infused water, lemonade, or cold brew coffee. Explore our Reception Options for seamless ways to integrate these elements into your event.

3. Optimal Summer Wedding Timing

Timing is essential for a comfortable summer wedding. Plan your ceremony for late afternoon to avoid the peak heat and take advantage of beautiful natural light. Use the midday hours for indoor activities, like a pre-reception cocktail hour in our Indoor Reception Hall, to keep guests entertained and cool.

4. Choose Comfortable and Stylish Attire

Select wedding attire that is both comfortable and stylish for the summer. Brides can opt for dresses made of breathable fabrics like silk or organza, while grooms can choose lighter suits in shades like gray or beige. Adding custom details, such as embroidered initials or unique accessories, can elevate the look. Our Gallery offers plenty of summer wedding attire inspiration.

5. Craft a Seasonal, Locally-Sourced Wedding Menu

Celebrate the flavors of the season with a menu that features fresh, local ingredients. Consider interactive food stations, like a make-your-own taco bar or a seafood boil, to add a fun twist. Our preferred caterers offer customizable options to fit your theme and preferences. Learn more about our Catering Options to design a delightful menu for your guests.

6. Enhance the Atmosphere with Creative Lighting

Transform your venue with creative lighting as the sun sets. Use string lights, lanterns, and LED candles to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Project patterns or your monogram onto walls or the dance floor for a personalized touch. Our Event Planning Services team can help you design the perfect ambiance for your evening festivities.

7. Prepare for Summer Weather Variability

Summer weather can be unpredictable, but having a flexible plan ensures your day runs smoothly. Our venue offers elegant indoor alternatives to ensure your day remains seamless, rain or shine. Consider a Full Flip or a Half Flip of our air conditioned Reception Hall, to keep your guests cool through the entire celebration.

  • Full Flip (30-90 minutes): All tables removed during the indoor ceremony & replaced and decorated immediately following. 

  • Half Flip (20 minutes): Pre-set & decorated tables positioned to the back or sides of the venue during the indoor ceremony. 

Our Cocktail Barn is the perfect environment to keep the summer festivities going while the venue transitions from ceremony to reception!

8. Infuse Personal Touches

Make your wedding uniquely yours by incorporating elements that tell your story. Incorporate meaningful details like photos from your relationship journey or a custom cocktail named after a memorable trip. Our Personalized Services can help you brainstorm and implement these unique touches, making your wedding truly special.

9. Capture the Season’s Beauty

Summer weddings provide stunning photo opportunities. Collaborate with your photographer to capture the golden hour's ethereal light. Encourage guests to capture moments through a photo scavenger hunt or a dedicated hashtag. For inspiration, visit our Instagram or Pinterest to see how other couples have beautifully captured their summer weddings at our venue.

10. Enjoy the Journey

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and commitment. Amidst the planning, take moments to savor the experience. Our team at 1890 Weddings and Events is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your day is as joyful and stress-free as possible.

For more tips and inspiration, explore our Blog and connect with us to start planning your dream summer wedding at 1890 Weddings and Events!